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You can tell I'm either bored or sick when I update twice in two days

...and I'm a little bit of both right now. Still recuperating. My stomach hasn't stopped grumbling for the past two days, although now it grumbles uncomfortably rather than painfully, so that's a plus. That, and I'm doing a lot of book-reading, computer-playing, and sleep-getting. I fully approve of the bit of "Ender's Game" I've read so far (thanks, Swampy), and I've challenged myself to go through all of Diablo II by the time break is over. We'll see if I can keep it up.

That, and I need to be productive. I really need to work on some flash / drawing stuff over break too. Looking back, this mission seems to be sort of impossible due to the foundation of counterproductivity that has already been lain. Again, we'll see if I can keep it up.

Okay, time to be productive. And by that I mean talk on AIM and eventually go play Diablo II or read or sometime. Or to ponder why I feel compelled to end Livejournal posts like conversations... hmmm...
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