Ricky (snackbot) wrote,

I quit

You win, nature, you've officially made the most obnoxiously oppressive weather. It's so humid, I feel like I'm constantly sweating just from the moisture I pick up from moving around. Circus Arts class today degenerated to a tremendous water fight, which was not altogether unwelcome. Pretty much all productivity has halted. I feel lazy, but man.... it's just too hot.

Speaking of productivity, I updated the comic, so check it out.

In other news, I really want to read Harry Potter before my campers / my sister ruins everything for me. God damn vices... the Japanese make addictive video games, the Columbians make coffee and cocaine, the Americans make greasy fast food, and the British make enticingly involved whimsical novels. Guess I'll go stick my head in a bucket of icewater or something.

(note: any unfair stereotypical bigotry preceding was entirely unintentional and in good fun)
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