Ricky (snackbot) wrote,

Who the heck is Dudley Do-right?

First off, I updated the Comic again. It damn well took me 4-5 hours to color it the way that I wanted to, so I'd appreciate people checking it out.

In other news, there's this whole Italy thing, which honest to God snuck up on me like a ninja in sneakers. I'm leaving on Friday to go to Hastings, staying with Jeremy for a day with Karen, then Karen and I are heading into the City to catch the group flight. I keep going back and forth from being really excited to really nervous, but I'm happily in one of those "blissfully ignorant of how much packing I have to do" moods which sets me in the excited bracket.

There was a killer thunderstorm last night, if anyone was awake at around 1:30. A tree right across the street from my house got struck, so there was a brilliant green flash, a loud snapping explosion, and electrical shock noise as the branch that got hit broke off and damaged some of the wires around a telephone booth and kicked all the power around it off. I stumbled through the house until I could find a couple candles, then sat up in my room fearing God until the storm passed. Now, I'm not a pussy, as Karen called me for doing so, I just have a moderate respect for nature, especially when the branch that was struck could have been over MY house. Anywho, I'm in one piece and the power came back on a few hours later, meaning that I woke up with my lights and alarm clocks flashing.
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