Ricky (snackbot) wrote,

It's the Final Countdown!

...get it? That song's by "Europe". And I'm in... Europe...

Diminuitive livejournal subject string jokes aside, I do believe that this is my first post from good ol' Bologna. However, I'm not so much in "fill everyone in on the interesting facets of my life" mood as I am "rant about the insufficiencies of my internet access" mood. So here we go.

The real meat of this rant is about the University of Bologna firewall. This little gem of coding, meant to keep my little computer safe from the big bad world of internet-born computer viruses, is very much like American foreign policy in that it would rather not let anything in at all if it had the choice. This means that besides requiring a password simply to open internet explorer, I am forced to gawk at my inability to open any outside program (be it AIM, World of Warcraft, or any other online game/program) that does not go through IE. Now, I've signed on to AIM a couple times, but those have all been through the AOL website and with the use of the crappy instant-load version that they suppply there. As a result, I feel mostly like I'm on the outside of a glass house, looking in at the whole world inside and able to communicate a bit by tapping on said glass and writing words with my voice steam, but otherwise I'm disconnected. The biggest gripe I have with this is the webcomic.

Essentially, Vaguely Amazing had grown into one of my most time-consuming and fun activies of the summer, second perhaps only to the OTHER thing that I cannot access through the firewall. You may remember that foray into the world of webcomics that Jeremy and I started last semester, but as of late it has sort of fallen apart. I'm really glad, however, to see that Jeremy updated it just the other day. What with me in Italy doing essentially nothing yet trapped behind a firewall and without a drawing tablet or scanner and him at Vassar with all of the above but no free time, the times are, how we like to say, "tough". So I apologize mostly for my lack of involvement in the strip for the past month (and a half?), but until I invest some serious money into a tablet or find some way to scan in artwork, my half of the deal is sort of at a standstill. I'll probably break down sooner or later and order a tablet from the Wacom site, so the future is not too bleak. The next step will be finding out how to log into an FTP program through the forementioned firewall, but hopefully I have a few hacker tricks up my sleeve.

Well, there's my rant. Not so much fun, but I promise there's one involving caffe' and singing "Maria" from West Side Story at the top of my lungs with an english-speaking Italian while walking down the streets of Bologna at 1:30 at night. And puppies. You guys have been such good listeners, you deserve puppies. Maybe even a cauldron full of puppies.

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